Shigabou Sanyasou Matsuri (mountain plant festival)
The late April / at Shigabou forest park

Shigabou is a wide view point 350 meter high. This festival is also the opening of the mountain for the year.
Traditional performances, plant sale and many other events are included. You can see the Japanese dogtooth violets and the Japanese beech trees around the walking path. Watch the beautiful sunset view from the hill.
Shiroiwa Matsuri (Shiroiwa festival)
The late May / at Shiroiwa forest park

Deep wild forest and snow-white rock wall. Trees and flowers change the colors of natural canvas season by season.
Shiroiwa festival is held among the azalea flowers season also as the opening ceremony of the mountain for the year.
There are many events as traditional performances, Yosakoi-Soran dance, Karaoke stage and so on. You can enjoy shopping the principal products too.
Kyuka Teien Kura Meguri (Oldstyle house, garden, warehouse tour)
The end of May  / in Onoe area

This is very rare event to visit the old style private houses, gardens and warehouses of Onoe town area
You can see the maintenance and snow-covering technique of hedges and garden plants. Also art exhibition and concert are held. Many visitors come from inside and outside of the town, and it increase year by year.
Nyu-Yoku rally  (Hot spring rally)
from June to October   /at registered hot spring bathhouse

Join the rally and get stamps on your application card by visiting registered hot spring bathhouses.
You might get big prizes by drawing lots.
Takenoko marathon race
Late June  / start from Ikarigaseki JHS field

You can choose from 5 courses.
There are also family course and costume (fancy-dress) course.
All entrants get presents.
The northest lotus flower festival
The end of July to early August  /at Saruka shrine park

The Japanese lotuses grow  naturally in Kagamigaike-pond. It is said that this is the northern limit of naturally grown lotus In Japan. The lotus flowers start blooming in early July and come into full bloom around late July to middle August.
During the festival, we have a photo contest of lotus flowers, female attendant event guide, and principal products shops.
Neputa festival
August 2,3 / at Hiraka area
August 5/ at Onoe area

Hirakawa Neputa adopt dance with wild traditional sound. In Hiraka area, the parade starts from city hall to Hiraka station. The world biggest Neputa float is there and you can join to pull it.
In Onoe area, the parade starts from Onoe gym and walks around the central Onoe area.  
Onsekisho (a barrier station) festival
The middle of August / Ikarigaseki area

The main event is the parade with humorous fancy dressed people and cute dressed up children. Also you can see the parade with “Mikoshi” portable shrines.
Saruka shrine festival
August 14-16 of the lunar calendar (September 21-23, 2010)

Tsugaru-Kagura; prefectural cultural asset music is played in front of god. There are festival shops, traditional music, and memorial prayer flags. It is crowded with visitors.

Hashigozake (bar hopping) festival
In the middle of February

You get a stamp card with the name of five bars. You have to go to all 5 bars and drink beer, sake, shouchu or juice at each places. After getting all stamps, join a lottery with many prizes.