Hirakawa CityHirakawa City is located in the southern part of Aomori Prefecture and the southernmost tip of the Tsugaru Plain. On the east, our city is close to the Towada Lake, which divides our city from Towada City and Kosaka Town which is in Akita Prefecture. On the west, Hirakawa River divides our city from Hirosaki City and Owani Town. On the north, our City is close to Aomori City, Kuroishi City and Inakadate Village. On the south, Hirakawa City is close to Akita Prefecture. The shape of our city is like an anchor and our city is 345.91 square kilometers in area.
 Agriculture is the basic industry of Hirakawa and main agricultural productions are apples and rice.
 At the mountainous area, we continue to improve growing highland vegetables and raising the brand of cow “Tsugaru-aijou-gyu”.
 We are promoting locally produced and consumed and to make a brand of our special products. Moreover we are aiming at growing agricultural productions with the theme “be safe and be relieved” and “be sold” that match Japanese consumer preferences.
◆An expanse
 from east to west / 31.3km       from south to north / 25.4km

◆The place of main City Hall
 [Long.140°33’ 59’’E]        [Lat.40°35’ 03’’N]        [Above the sea 43meters]

Access to Hirakawa City Hall
■From Aomori Airport , about 40 minutes by car.
■From Hirosaki Station , about 15 minutes by “Kounann Railway” to Hiraka Station.
■From JR “Hirosaki Station” , you should take a bus of “Kounann Bus Line” , and it takes about 30 minutes.
■From TOHOKU EXPWY “Owani-Hirosaki I.C” , 10 minutes by car.